About Us

OFF THE SHELF was founded in 2005 as an innovative venture, by one of the
pioneers of the Indian Furniture Industry, Mr. Firoz Nagree, who had almost 45 years ago, the vision to introduce to the Indian customer one of the first organized furniture retail stores in India, by launching his first retail project in Mumbai in 1971.

Amongst his several innovative projects, was the development of the Sofa-cum-Bed concept, tailor-made to suit the needs of Indian homes. A product, that required a high level of designing capability, technical know-how, and
production infrastructure, this was beyond the scope of traditional carpenters and the unorganized sector. With such unique product introductions, his enterprise soon became one of the leaders in furniture retail. Over the years, the Sofa-cum-Bed has gone on to become a best seller product, all over India.

However, even today, very few Indian retailers have the capability to manufacture this product, and depend on cheap imports, and compromise on product quality. On the other hand, OFF THE SHELF, with its decades of experience and expertise, has gone on to develop its range of world class Sofa-cum-Beds, designed to meet the needs of diverse customers; catering to both small as well as large homes.

With its technical know-how and production capabilities, OFF THE SHELF also offers its customers its superior range of Beds, Wardrobes, and other items, each designed to offer maximum storage, along with elegant looks.

In developing its products, OFF THE SHELF has built on its core philosophy of
offering lasting value, using only superior quality material, that makes the difference between furniture built to last, and furniture of questionable durability.
Further, OFF THE SHELF continues to zealously ensure complete transparency with its customers, and takes pain to educate them on each of the components used in their items of choice.
As a result, OFF THE SHELF has distinguished itself as a company that customers can trust with their eyes closed. An unique reputation, that has helped build a large base of loyal customers, who select their home furniture repeatedly from them.

OFF THE SHELF continues to offer its customers a wide range of readymade styles, in each product category. It also has the capability to customize, and make to order, as per the individual requirements of its customers.
In the modern business world, where almost all retailers try to maximize sales by offering ‘artificial’ discounts, OFFTHE SHELF has ensured that its prices are related to actual costs of manufacture, and that discounts offered at any time are genuine.

OFF THE SHELF has not only focused on product development to meet the
changing needs of the customer, but it has also moved with the times, to become an Online Retailer in 2016. Its online presence now enables its customers across India, to browse and select
their home furniture, from one of the most trusted names in India.
With its rich heritage of experience, OFF THE SHELF is aware that when it comes to
furniture, many customers desire to actually feel and touch the physical products,
examine the design and finish, and experience the comfort and convenience for
themselves, before finally making their choice.
And so, OFF THE SHELF, along with its online presence, plans to offer its
customers the experience of ‘Touch & Feel’ at every major market.
The first ‘Touch & Feel’ showroom has opened its doors at Mahim, Mumbai.
With its solid foundation of focusing on innovation, and adhering to values of quality
and integrity, OFF THE SHELF looks forward to bringing satisfaction and delight to
an ever increasing base of customers.